Former freehold Goodluck Garden was sold collectively to the Qingjian Perennial Pte Ltd.

Former freehold Goodluck Garden was sold collectively to the Qingjian Perennial Pte Ltd. 1

Forett at Bukit Timah condominium development’s location is a sought-after area recognized for its exclusive residences, its proximity to top international schools and providing a peaceful retreat while being within very close proximity to downtown. A peaceful oasis that is surrounded by lush natural surroundings and the fresh and the fresh air that comes from Bukit Timah Hill and the energy of Jurong Lake District (Singapore’s 2nd CBD) is only 10 minutes from the property.

Why the Name “Forett at Bukit Timah”

Because the property is located near in proximity to Bukit Timah Reserve and Bukit Timah Reserve, we were naturally desire to name the property something that would reflect the location and the greenery. “Le Foret” is French meaning forest, and that was our source of inspiration. We added a little Singaporean practicality, particularly for pronunciation reasons. We have dropped the ‘le’ and added an additional ‘t’ , so that the name is “Forett” is pronounced with the letter ‘tt is a nod in the direction of Toh Tuck.

In short, “Forett” pays homage at the beautiful greenery that surrounds it is phonetically read and rolls of the tongue with ease. For a different option to Forett we looked at “Forett At Bukit Timah which provides the direct connection of nature and forest with Bukit Timah.

Former freehold Goodluck Garden was sold collectively to the Qingjian Perennial Pte Ltd. 2

Forett lies inside district 21 Along Toh Tuck Road, Forett at Bukit Timah is a brand-new freehold condominium that has 13 blocks and six33 apartments. With the exclusive condominiums and the sprawling landed homes surrounding the area, Forett at Bukit Timah promises tranquility against the greenery and nature. Unlike many other residential estates with large homes This condominium is equipped with accessibility and plenty of options.

The project is envisioned to be an integrated, one-stop facility located just a few steps away from Beauty World’s MRT station the community hub is comprised of an Community Club and redeveloped market and hawker center. A range of facilities like an indoor sports halls, a community library , and an elderly care facility are available to serve the needs of the local community and increase the quality of life.

Bukit Timah district, which can instantly bring up images of privacy, greenery, luxury and privilege. You’ll discover a 163-hectare Nature Reserve including, Singapore’s highest trail for hiking, Bukit Timah Hill.

Set in an exclusive residential enclave Forett is just a few minutes away of Beauty World and all of the fantastic bars, restaurants and shopping options which Bukit Timah has to offer.

For those who are looking to begin your own household, Forett offers nature right on the doorstep, with excellent schools in every direction. It’s the ideal place for your child to grow up in.

“A quick drive will take the driver the Orchard located in east, and another CBD located in west. Working and playing has never been easier.”

Former freehold Goodluck Garden was sold collectively to the Qingjian Perennial Pte Ltd. 3

Why should you choose the FORETT At BUKIT TIMAH?

1. Food: Enjoy your taste buds with savoury delights in the many food delights in Cheong Chin Nam Road, Chu Tin Road, Lorong Kilat and Jalan Jurong Kechil. The wide variety of cuisines will surely impress you.
2. Accessibility: A few minutes to Beauty World’s Metrorail station, and the planned Beauty World Integrated Transport Hub. This will give a seamless transportation experience for both the public and local residents who live close by.
3. SHOPPING: Only a few minutes distance from Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, Beauty World Centre, Beauty World Plaza and Bukit Timah Plaza. Your shopping needs will be met with a variety of stores and megastores like Giant Supermarket.
4. Education: Within 1km of the top schools like Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School. Additionally, it is close to the belt of education (NP, SIT, SIM, NUS, HCI, NJC and more).
5. NATURE: Take in the beauty of nature on Bukit Timah Natural Reserve located just a few minutes from Forett. Jogging, jogging, or mountain bikes lets you to live an active lifestyle for yourself along with your entire family.

Information about the Developer
Perennial Real Estate Holdings has created a joint venture of 40-60 together with the Chinese-based Qingjian Group to jointly redevelop the Goodluck Garden residential site at Toh Tuck Road off Upper Bukit Timah. It marks the first time Perennial has ventured into residential development as a solely.

Qingjian Realty comprises of experienced and top-quality professionals in the business, which makes it possible for them to design amazing projects. They have been involved in a variety of collaborations to turn their ideas into reality, and have transformed the way homes are lived in within Singapore.

Qingjian Realty (South Pacific) Group Pte Ltd (Qingjian Realty) is the Southeast Asian regional headquarters for Qingjian Group’s development division. Qingjian Realty focuses on property development in the commercial, residential industrial, and residential sectors.

Former freehold Goodluck Garden was sold collectively to the Qingjian Perennial Pte Ltd. 4

The dependable developer always seeks out new ways to build thoughtfully designed and thought-out homes that are in harmony with the lifestyle of their homeowners. The year 2013 saw Qingjian Realty led the market in the field of flexible layouts by introducing the innovative CoSpaceTM concept. Qingjian Realty paved the way for intelligent living in Singapore with the introduction of The Visionaire, Singapore’s first executive residence equipped with smart homes in 2016.

For residents who are active You are in the midst of one of Singapore’s most important forest areas, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and only a short distance away from Bukit Batok Nature Reserve. A key element of Singapore’s masterplan for a clean, green, and blue sustainable city , it is making a fundamental change from the concept of a “Garden urbanization” to one that is a “City within a Garden” Parks let people take a different view of the city, allowing people escape temporarily from the swarming streets and buildings. At Beauty World, street level activities and lush landscaping will be included to enhance walking and provide pedestrians with easier access for access to the Rail Corridor and nearby attractions.

Its Central Business District is within just 20 minutes’ drive from Forett in Bukit Timah. People who work at the CBD will appreciate the ease of living that living in the CBD offers. The planned developments in the Jurong Lake District will boost the number of commercial offices, malls and other amenities, which will bring greater benefits for residents.

Then, there is the 468,000sqf integrated Transportation Hub will include new amenities that will comprise an indoor sport facility along with a community library and elderly care facility. Additionally, the brand new 218,699 square feet Community Center which will also include the New Market & Hawker Centre.