About CEL Real Estate Development

The CEL being a premier real estate developer in Singapore, have initiated Parc Komo and would soon start Parc Komo showflat this would give the buyers a chance to view the low rise condominiums and retail shops and make their final decision.

Parc Komo would be a once in a lifetime opportunity for someone who wishes to live in an elite, well planned residential and commercial premises. Parc Komo would not only offer an exceptionally great experience to the buyers but would also prove to be a very good investment for yielding profits in a very short span of time. Don’t wait and look for options to book your property in Parc Komo.

CEL and their Vision

Developer of Parc Komo (Former Changi Garden) 1

Parc Komo has come up as a treat for the buyers looking to purchase or invest in an elite locations. The CEL Real Estate Development have planned to build low-rise condos and retail shops for the buyers. Offering them once in a lifetime chance to own a property in a very nicely planned prime location.

There have been no indications as to what would be the Parc Komo Price of these low rise condominiums. But the Parc Komo project is set to be financed by within the group and also the company would borrow a loan amount from the bank to fund his project.

Whatever the cost of these Parc Komo projects would be we are sure people who have been planning to invest in an elite property wouldn’t miss this opportunity of owning their high end residential or commercial premises.

The company has also not yet shared any sort of Parc Komo Floor plan of the project as well. But potential buyers are very eager to know more about the details of the project as they have many expectation form this venture of CEL. They want to know how the setup of the room would be or what do the developers have in mind with this low-rise condominium in Parc Komo.

Developer of Parc Komo (Former Changi Garden) 2

The Chip Eng Seng Corporations have won the bid of the Changi garden and now have the contract for developing the Parc Komo Condo and retail shops for the new buyers. CEL Real Estate Development is a trusted company that has been in business for the past many years. They develop residential and commercial properties. The company was incorporated in the year 2008 and is located in the Singapore.

They have been in a lot of limelight since their bidding for the Changi Garden. Some say that over priced bidding decision is a gamble and some say that it is a calculated move of the organisation as they know how much potential the place has and how their business would grow once the project would be finished. But being a organisation that has been in business for such a long time we believe that the CEL Real Estate Development has a bigger plan in store with the Parc Komo project for the buyers.

They believe in joint ventures and their current focus is to aim at high-end economically rich areas and construct residential, industrial and commercial properties. Just like their Parc Komo venture, which has been the talk of the town.

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