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Parc Komo (Former Changi Garden) has been sold off for S$248.8 millions. The tenders had closed some time back for the same. The selling price of the Changi were expected to be S$196 million. The Chip Eng Seng Corporation has taken over the Changi and it has resulted in increase of the per square foot cost. The reason for bidding above the asking price was because the developers have faith that the prices will increase in the future and it would get them more profit.

The Edmund Tie and Company were the consultants who handled the sale of the Parc Komo, calculated that each of the 60 apartment holder will make a profit between $2.14 million and $2.27million, for the penthouse owners $4.03million to $4.47 million and for the retail shops $4.7million to $7.08million.

The project of Parc Komo was the main focus behind the bidding as they feel that the Changi Garden have a lot of potential in terms of infrastructure and profits.

Benefits of Parc Komo

Changi is an elite planning area located in Singapore. One should focuses upon before purchasing or investing in a residential or commercial property. First thing would be the location, value of money nearby area, what all amenities you would get. We will share with you all that you need to know about the Parc Komo before you make your decision.

Parc Komo is a freehold property located at the North Changi Road and Jalan Mariam. The purchasing cost of the per plot ratio of the area is $888. And the area has not witnessed any other residential developments within the nearby 2.8kms in the past few years. It previously holds about 60 apartments, 12 penthouses and 12 retail shops.

The Chip Eng Seng Corporations who won the bid have come up with the idea to develop low-rise residential fully facilitated condominiums in the area comprising of 320 units, along with some retail shops too.

The Parc Komo project is an amazing opportunity for people to get a chance to own a property at this elite location. If you are a resident of the Parc Komo you don’t have to pay any cost for the development charges in the future. The property is freehold, so if you are looking for a freehold site you may look forward to Parc Komo.

Parc Komo offers you many opportunities to experience a luxurious lifestyle with a chance to grow your money and business at the same time.

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Why the Changi Garden Attracts Buyers?

Parc Komo offers the buyers to buy a house of their dreams and along with many other added facilities too. It is very rarely that you get a chance to own a residential or a commercial property in a prime location as the Changi. The residents of the 70s and 80s have had a lot of benefits since their properties are all free hold and located in closer to so the airports, business parks etc.

Parc Komo is surrounded with many public amenities and holds a very rich infrastructure. It has many employment opportunities as it is a hub for many commercial industries. This adds up to the benefits of the Parc Komo project.

Also if you are looking for an area that is commercially rich and full of opportunities for your business then Parc Komo is the place for you, as the expansion of the industrial business would eventually increase the market price of your property.

Parc Komo is rapidly modernising as the area is surrounded by many significant official landmarks, like the Changi Business Park, Changi North and Changi South industrial estates and the Singapore expo etc.

Parc Komo has high standards of infrastructure and it located in a prime location nearing the Singapore University of Technology and Design.

Parc Komo also has a well establish airport, the Singapore Changi Airport which is easily accessible from the place. Along with this the development of Jewel Changi Airport and the terminal 4 has also begun with full swing. After the complete construction of the site, more value would be added to the price and prestige of the location.

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To have such amenities in your nearby area adds up to the benefits of the owning a property in Parc Komo. Rich infrastructure, satisfying per plot ratio rate, airport, business parks and university all accessible.

These are just a few of the benefits of the Parc Komo. If you want to enjoy life and watch your money grow at the same time, Parc Komo would be the right type of investment for you.

The area has been sold based upon a bid, which was much more than the expected selling price of the area, the project has potential and offers endless possibilities for the buyer to see their investment grow.

CEL and their Vision

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Liv@Changi Condo Jalan Mariam CEL Price

The Chip Eng Seng Corporations have won the bid of the Changi garden and now have the contract for developing the Parc Komo Condo and retail shops for the new buyers. CEL Real Estate Development is a trusted company that has been in business for the past many years. They develop residential and commercial properties. The company was incorporated in the year 2008 and is located in the Singapore.

They have been in a lot of limelight since their bidding for the Changi Garden. Some say that over priced bidding decision is a gamble and some say that it is a calculated move of the organisation as they know how much potential the place has and how their business would grow once the project would be finished. But being a organisation that has been in business for such a long time we believe that the CEL Real Estate Development has a bigger plan in store with the Parc Komo project for the buyers.

They believe in joint ventures and their current focus is to aim at high-end economically rich areas and construct residential, industrial and commercial properties. Just like their Parc Komo venture, which has been the talk of the town.

Parc Komo has come up as a treat for the buyers looking to purchase or invest in an elite locations. The CEL Real Estate Development have planned to build low-rise condos and retail shops for the buyers. Offering them once in a lifetime chance to own a property in a very nicely planned prime location.

There have been no indications as to what would be the Parc Komo Price of these low rise condominiums. But the Parc Komo project is set to be financed by within the group and also the company would borrow a loan amount from the bank to fund his project.

Whatever the cost of these Parc Komo projects would be we are sure people who have been planning to invest in an elite property wouldn’t miss this opportunity of owning their high end residential or commercial premises.

The company has also not yet shared any sort of Parc Komo Floor plan of the project as well. But potential buyers are very eager to know more about the details of the project as they have many expectation form this venture of CEL. They want to know how the setup of the room would be or what do the developers have in mind with this low-rise condominium in Parc Komo.

Benefits for the Residential Owners

Whenever we look for a residential area to settle in, we need to keep in mind a lot of things before making any kind of a decision. If one has to move in with their family they just can’t move to any secluded place with very less or no amenities at all. One would want to move to a place where all the basic amenities like health care, schools, shopping complex, airport etc are easily accessible.

Parc Komo offers you all the above discussed facilities. A child’s education is very important and we understand a parent’s concern to provide the child with the best possible education form a very early age. Moving to a place that is far away from the child’s school could be very difficult too. But Parc Komo has many great schools in the nearby location.

One of the best schools near Parc Komo is the Japanese School Singapore Changi Campus, is an elementary and junior high school. The school has a gymnasium, auditorium, swimming pool, computer labs, library, tennis court and rooms for music and art and crafts.

Another school near to the Parc Komo is the White Sands Primary School. The school aims to develop individuals with respect and compassion for others. They have best faculties to help your child attain top-notch primary education. The school started their journey in the year 1998 with a hope to teach young individuals. The school focuses on education as well as other activities to bring out the best in every child.

Next school near the Parc Komo is the East Spring Primary and East Spring Secondary School, the Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School, White Lodge Kindergarten Upper East Coast, Dunman Secondary School, Meridian Secondary School. There are many other schools nearing the Parc Komo, these schools offer a great education system, highly professional and experienced teachers. All these schools focus on educational and personality development of the child.

So property investment in the Parc Komo, would not only mean a profitable decision for you but would also be a great opportunity for your child to attain high class education from a list of above mentioned famous schools.

Shopping Complexes

Amongst the many factors that we consider before moving into a residential area, shopping centre are one of the main concerns of the people.

One would want to move to a place that is near to your place and is easily accessible.

But don’t worry, if you are interested in buying a property in Parc Komo all these things would be readily available to you. There are many high-end shopping centres close by to the place. Few of these shopping complexes are the Changi City Point, which is situation in the Changi Business Park and has various factory outlets of many international famous brands.

Another mall near Parc Komo is the Bedok Mall, it is on the New Upper Changi Road. It is a suburban mall offering wide range of products to the people. East point mall is also near Parc Komo. It offers enormous variety of products and has a pet shop as well. This particular pet shop was once known as the largest pet shops, in the Asian market, known as the The Pet Safari. So if you have a furry little friend in your Parc Komo house then you can easily rush to this nearby store and get supplies for your pet.

Eastpoint is also famous for its wide range of educational centres in the mall too. Imagine how convenient it would be for you to live in a area that has all the basic and high end amenities available in the nearby location like the Parc Komo. Schools, offices, shopping malls, industrial development, commercial opportunities and many other added benefits too.

Next mall that you could visit near the Parc Komo is the White Sands, situated in Pasir Ris Central Street (nearby location to Parc Komo). This mall near the Parc Komo offers car parking and retail shops for the consumers to shop from. It is a 5 story building with many quality products for the buyers.

Other shopping complexes near Parc Komo are NEX, E! Hub, Elias Mall, Katong Shopping Mall, The Centrepoint,, Heartland Mall, Downtown east and more complexes for your shopping needs.

If you are looking to invest in a residential or commercial market then Parc Komo would be an ideal option for you. Parc Komo is a complete package with high class infrastructure, easily available amenities, nearby famous schools for your children, famous shopping complexes, proximity to business centres and Changi Airport, universities and many more facilities.

About CEL Real Estate Development

The CEL being a premier real estate developer in Singapore, have initiated Parc Komo and would soon start Parc Komo showflat this would give the buyers a chance to view the low rise condominiums and retail shops and make their final decision.

Parc Komo would be a once in a lifetime opportunity for someone who wishes to live in an elite, well planned residential and commercial premises. Parc Komo would not only offer an exceptionally great experience to the buyers but would also prove to be a very good investment for yielding profits in a very short span of time. Don’t wait and look for options to book your property in Parc Komo.

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